— VIP 개인레슨 1회

레슨 1회당 80,000원

₩80,000no d/c

— 해피타임 개인레슨 10회

*pm1시~7시 레슨가능하신 분들만 등록 가능합니다.

₩650,00020% d/c

— VIP 개인레슨 10회

레슨 1회당 72,000원

₩720,00010% d/c

— VIP 개인레슨 20회

Espresso, Milk, Ice and Caramel Sauce

₩1,360,00015% d/c

— VIP 개인레슨 30회

Espresso, vanilla-flavored syrup and milk

₩1,920,00020% d/c

— VIP 개인레슨 60회

Rich Espresso With Milk and Foam

₩3,600,00025% d/c

— Duet 듀엣레슨 1회

Espresso, bittersweet mocha sauce, milk and ice

₩50,000no d/c

— 해피타임 듀엣레슨 10회

*pm1시~7시 레슨가능하신 분들만 등록 가능합니다.

₩450,00020% d/c

— Duet 듀엣레슨 10회

Espresso, White Chocolate, Milk, Ice and Cream


— Duet 듀엣레슨 20회

Espresso, ice, with smoked butterscotch


— Duet 듀엣레슨 30회

Espresso, Milk, Ice, and Gingerbread Flavor


— Duet 듀엣레슨 60회

Espresso, and Smoothed Layer of Foam



Happy Customers

people love our coffees!

Coffeegato is something! I loved their menu and the taste of coffee they make. It was aromatic, good-looking and hot enough - just like I like. I also tried their desserts - cheesecake was awesome, and cupcakes were very attractive. Thank you!
Sam Jons
Wonderful coffeehouse with great menu and very delicious beverages! Perfect taste, great service and friendly ambiance - this is all Coffeegato. I will certainly recommend it to all my friends as this place is perfect to spend some time together.
Amanda Cox
I’m in love with Coffeegato for their tasty beverages and fresh desserts! I really enjoy fragrant coffee coupled with berry desserts. Those are great in Aromacafe! Amazing place where you can have a great time with your beloved ones.
John Smith